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Slovakia higher education is comprised of public, state, and private schools of higher education (colleges):

  • Public schools of higher education are the basic case. The vast majority of schools of higher education are public. They are financed by the government and business.
  • State institutions of higher education are military, police and medical schools. Slovakian government finances these programmes in the corresponding ministries.
  • Private institutions of higher education are not so common. They are established and financed by non-government institutions, but approved by the Ministry of Education.

Academic organization

Studies are organized within the following study programmes and "stages":

  • Stage 1: Bachelor study programmes taking 3 to 4 years;
  • Stage 2: Master study programmes lasting 1 to 3 years;
  • Some programmes include Stage 1 and 2 studies in one single study;
  • Stage 3: Doctor study programme lasting 3–4 years;
  • Specialization studies in medicine.

Foreign applicants who do not meet all the requirements for admission may be required to attend preparatory courses, including Slovak language courses. Courses of Slovak language are also organised by respective universities.

Advantages of education in Slovakia:

Scientific variety

Slovak Faculties and Universities offer plenty of study programmes for international students: they can choose between mathematics, IT, chemistry, medicine, modern art, theology and many others. Programmes are in English, German, French and Hungarian languages.

International environment

Slovak Universities and faculties responded to modern trends in the world and have decided to offer admission for international students as well. Nowadays, you can meet students from more than 100 countries in Slovakia.

Internationally recognized degree

Degree from Slovakia is internationally recognised in European Union and in most countries of the world. The biggest advantage, that education at all levels is cheaper than in western countries.

Tuition fees and admission process:

Admission process at given study programme is different for every faculty or university. There are various types of admission process: for example, some faculties require students to take multiple choice test, interview or motivation speech. Faculty usually limit study places, so it may be better to apply to more faculties and increase chances of being admitted. Generally speaking, the best advice is to apply to the University as soon as possible – getting paperwork done may take a lot of time.

General application requirements

The main requirement for entering a Bachelor degree programme or a combined 2nd level degree programme is the completion of high school studies. Admission to a follow up Master’s degree programme depends on the completion of the relevant Bachelor degree programme.

Students who would like to study a full study programme should apply directly at the respective higher education institution.

Students should ask for detailed information and apply for admission at the faculty of their choice.

Studies at the state and public universities is available free of charge for Slovak students and international students coming from EU countries. Non-EU students have to pay fees of 2000 to 5000 EUR per academic year.

In some cases, higher education applicants have to pass entrance examinations. The high school graduation exam results of the applicant are usually also taken into account when evaluating whether he may be admitted.

Study method

Teaching includes various forms of instruction such as lectures, seminars, exercises, laboratory work, projects, practical training, consultations, etc.

Programmes in Slovakia are delivered full-time or part-time and can be pursued on campus or by enrolling in a distance study programme, or a combined method of learning.

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