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Lemberg s.r.o. - is a real estate agency in Slovakia, which provides qualified services in search, sale, rental and management of real estate. The agency provides assistance and advice on bank financing of any real estate. We select properties specifically for the needs of our clients, not only on the basis of existing offers on the market. We advise on residence permit issues, running your business in Slovakia and risks associated with relocating to Slovakia.

Buying real estate in Slovakia means investing your money in comfort and confidence in the future! Best environmental conditions, favourable location on the world map, friendly population and reasonable prices are the most common reasons to move here to work, to live, to study.

Buying property in Slovakia does not require a residence permit. This aspect also makes the country a very popular place to live. The process of buying is very simple and understandable even to people who are faced with it for the first time!

To Rent

To Rent

The first issue you need to solve in a new country is finding a suitable accommodation for rent. A dedicated Relocation Specialist will review your specific requirements and guide you through the property offer from our extensive database. If you wish to rent an apartment in Slovakia for a long term, please contact the agents of our Real Estate company and they can find the most suitable place for your living.

To select the accommodation from our actual offers visit our web-page

To Buy

To Buy

When deciding to buy a property in Slovakia, it is important to think in advance - what to buy and where? Not knowing the market and not understanding the principles of pricing, it is very difficult to navigate and find a really worthy option that meets all your wishes and requirements.

On a choice of buyers we can offer options in different parts of the country. Those who value developed infrastructure should pay attention to the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava.

It is also worth considering the fact that the cost of housing in the capital is higher than in the suburbs.

People who want privacy and harmony with the surrounding world should take a closer look at the objects located beyond the city limits!

Whichever object you are interested in and whatever your purpose, contact the agents of Lemberg company - we will do everything to make your dreams come true!

To select the real estate from our actual offers visit our web-page

To Sell

To Sell

You already may have the real estate you want to sell or offer for renting. Lemberg experts may professionally help you in this complicated procedure. We can manage for you legal support and contract preparation, media and social networks promotion, professional video and photo presentation, step-by-step support during the sales process.

To offer your property in Slovakia for sale or rent please do not hesitate to contact us:

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To Manage

To Manage

We can professionally manage the real estate you possess in Slovakia.

Our services include:


  • marketing of the vacant property through our real estate agency
  • rental contract signing
  • active communication with tenants
  • organize all documentation linked to theproperty
  • property insurance assistance
  • communication with the building administration company
  • regular and detailed reporting

Financial service

  • control of transactions of rental payments
  • collection of rent and fees linked to the rent,
  • keeping records of expenses for maintenance, utilities and services linked to respective property
  • preparation of documents and registration with respective tax bureau
  • other book-keeping services

Operational and technical management

  • handing over of the property to the tenant and at the return of the property after the end of the rental period (minutes of return provided)
  • regular inspections of the property during the rental period
  • arrangement of repairs and reconstructions - after prior agreement with the property owner
  • interior and exterior design for a newly purchased property
  • cleaning service and arrangement of repairs after the end of the rental period

We make sure your investment not only brings returns but we do everything necessary for these returns to be regular and steady.

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