Relocation services

Relocation services

More and more companies are entering international markets and opening branches and representative offices around the world. At the same time, it is often difficult to find employees with the right knowledge and experience in a new country. The only solution in this situation is to relocate your Workforce to the right place. In large companies, this practice has long been the norm, so it is important to involve experienced professionals who are well versed in all immigration issues and make the process of moving an employee to a new place convenient and easy. 

Lemberg s.r.o. provides a full package of immigration services as well as services related to the initial social adaptation of employees in Slovakia. 


We will prepare and submit all necessary documents for obtaining/extending a temporary or permanent residence permit, both for the employee and his/her family members. We will collect all the documents, make an official translation with notary certification, fill in the forms together with your employee, accompany him/her to the Migration Police Station, and issue the necessary insurance and certificates. Afterwards, we will assist your employee in difficult initial situations related to immigration to Slovakia, such as: finding a place to live, opening a bank account, escorting him/her for medical examinations (which will be necessary after obtaining a residence permit), social integration of the employee and his/her family. 

If you have employees who you intend to relocate in order to work in your Slovak office, we will take over the entire immigration process. 

For a group of employees or permanent long-term service, it is possible to provide discounts on services except for mandatory payments and state fees.

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